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12 Point Cases

Recent Cases (page 2)

The following is just a sample of the work we carry out in a twelve month period.
Your privacy is important to us. We have protected identities by use of initial only.

January 2013

R v H   Lincoln Magistrates’ Court

Mr. H, on 6 points already, committed 2 speeding offences within a matter of days and so faced disqualification. Ashley was able to demonstrate to the court that a ban would cause exceptional hardship due to the ill health of Mr. H’s wife. The court did not disqualify Mr. H.

December 2012

R v G   Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court

By showing that Mr. G could not reasonably have known who was driving his car at the time of a speeding offence, Ashley secured an acquittal. Not only did Mr. G avoid 6 penalty points and a large fine, he was awarded his costs.

November 2012

R v P Ltd.   Oldbury Magistrates’ Court

Having been accused of failing to identify one of their drivers who was alleged to have been speeding, this company approached Ashley for help. By pointing out to the C.P.S. the complete failings of its case, Ashley secured an acquittal without a trial ever even being arranged. P Ltd. was awarded its costs.

R v S   City of London Magistrates’ Court

Mrs. S was unwell and asked her uninsured passenger to drive her to the local hospital. En route, the car was stopped by the police and Mrs. S was charged with permitting an uninsured driver to use her car. Although she had to plead guilty, Ashley was able to persuade the court that the circumstances amounted to a ‘special reason’ why no points should be imposed.

October 2012

R v M   Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court

M had been convicted in his absence for an offence of failing to identify a driver. Having been notified of 6 penalty points and a fine, M approached Ashley on 01744 814072. Ashley was able to re-open the case and, by providing evidence of M’s postal difficulties, persuade C.P.S. to drop the charge entirely. M was awarded his costs.

R v W   Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court

Dealing with a speeding charge on the M6 Toll (yes, there are cameras on the toll road) Ashley attended for trial. By pointing out to the C.P.S. all the evidential errors in their case, Ashley was able to secure an acquittal without the matter actually going to trial. M was awarded his costs.

September 2012

R v S   Yeovil Magistrates’ Court

Mr. S faced disqualification, having been charged with driving at 114 mph on a dual carriageway. By establishing that the police officer may, in fact, have targetted the wrong vehicle, and by showing that he may not have used his laser equipment correctly, Ashley secured a Not Guilty verdict, and Mr. S was awarded his costs.

August 2012

R v D   Tameside Magistrates’ Court

Facing a large fine and 6 penalty points for failing to identify a driver, Mrs. D approached Ashley through this website. By negotiation with the C. P.S. Ashley was able to reduce the punishment to a £60 fine and 3 penalty points – the same as a fixed penalty, as Mrs. D always accepted she has been the driver at the time of the speeding offence. All of this was done without Mrs. D having to attend court.

July 2012

R v W   Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court

By challenging the accuracy of the white lines painted onto the road surface, Ashley was able to secure an acquittal in a Gatsometer Speeding trial. W was awarded his costs.

R v P   Banbury Magistrates’ Court

By showing that a speeding charge had been brought under the wrong section of the Act of Parliament, Ashley secured an acquittal and P was awarded his costs.

June 2012

R v P Ltd.   Birmingham Magistrates’ Court

Charged with failing to identify a driver, this company instructed Ashley direct. By satisfying the court that the statutory defences applied, Ashley secured an acquittal and the company was awarded its costs.

R v J   Liverpool Magistrates’ Court

Although J, a taxi driver, reached 12 points, Ashley saved his licence by showing that exceptional hardship would be caused.

May 2012

R v Y   Lincoln Magistrates’ Court

Charged with 2 separate offences of failing to identify a driver (6 points each is the penalty) Y faced disqualification and contacted Ashley via this website. Ashley secured acquittals in both cases and Y was awarded his costs.

R v M   Ipswich Magistrates’ Court

By highlighting flaws in the blood-taking procedure at hospital in a drink driving case, Ashley was able to secure an acquittal with costs.

April 2012

R v M   Bedlington Magistrates’ Court

By demonstrating that M could not reasonably have known the identity of the rider of his motorcycle, Ashley secured an acquittal at trial and M was awarded his costs.

March 2012

R v B   Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court

By showing the court how her family would suffer hardship is she were disqualified, Ashley helped Mrs. B escape a ban despite reaching 12 points.

February 2012

R v S   Liverpool Crown Court

In a case that attracted widespread publicity, S and another (both taxi drivers) were charged firstly with child abduction and then with false imprisonment having detained youths who were believed to have damaged a taxi cab. After a lengthy trial, a jury unanimously found S Not Guilty. The Judge awarded S his costs.

R v C   Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey)

Having been heavily fined for a mere parking fine, C approached Ashley who immediately launched, and later won, an appeal in the Crown Court. C’s fine was greatly reduced and he was awarded his costs.

This sample of cases merely shows the range of motoring law cases Ashley can assist with. Nothing in this site is intended to be read as a claim to any particular ‘success rate.’ Such claims are specifically prohibited by the Bar Standards Board. For this reason you should treat any website that makes such claims with extreme caution.

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