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12 Point Cases

Using or permitting without insurance

Using a vehicle without the required insurance, or permitting another to do so, attracts a heavy number of points. The prosecution need only prove that you were using the vehicle. Once they have done that, the burden shifts onto you to prove that you were insured. This may be simply done by producing your certificate of insurance to prove that you were insured. For such simple cases, there may be no need for legal assistance at all.

More difficulty arises in cases in which you honestly believed you were insured but, in fact, were not. Unfortunately, this is not a defence. However, it may well give rise to a special reasons argument that could mean you escape without any penalty points at all.


No insurance will attract a fine of up to £5,000. In addition, the Magistrates will impose 6 to 8 penalty points on your licence and may disqualify.

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