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12 Point Cases

Motoring Offences

Of course, Ashley is also able to assist with any other motoring law problems you have. Whether it be mobile phone use, a traffic light offence, failing to stop, failing to provide information, careless driving or any of the host of motoring law offences you may have been charged with.

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Choose from the offences below to view more information:

Speeding Offences »

Speeding is dealt with by a fixed penalty notice or attendance on a speed awareness course. Matters will generally only come to court if you dispute the fixed penalty notice, the offence is considered…

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Alcohol Offences »

Driving, or attempting to drive, with more than the allowed amount of alcohol in the body is an offence that can lead to a prison sentence. Usually, the measure is taken from the driver’s breath, but it can be…

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Insurance Offences »

Using a vehicle without the required insurance, or permitting another to do so, attracts a heavy number of points. The prosecution need only prove that you were using the vehicle. Once they have done that, the burden…

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