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12 Point Cases


Because barristers have significantly fewer overheads than solicitors, the fees charged to you are significantly lower than specialist motoring law solicitors.

The fee for each hearing is £850 plus VAT

For Guilty pleas and 12 point cases, 1 hearing is almost always all that is required.

For most trials, you should budget for 2 hearings.

For drink and drug driving trials it is best to budget for 3 hearings.

If the offence is serious enough for the court to consider custody or a community penalty, the court may need another hearing for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

The fee, which is payable in advance, covers all necessary preparations, telephone/zoom conferences and travel as well as conduct of the hearings themselves.

Face to face conferences are only very rarely required and do attract an additional fee of £850 plus VAT. With the ever increasing use of video chat services, we would hardly ever recommend a face to face conference, particularly as we ensure we have as much time as needed at court to discuss all cases.

*Hearings in counties on the south coast and East Anglia require an overnight stay and therefore attract an additional fee of £100 plus VAT.

*some cases require expert witnesses (usually drink or drug cases.) Expert witnesses will charge their own fees. These will be entirely separate, and in addition to, our fees.

you can find guidance on fees from the Bar Standards Board here:

and guidance on instructing a barrister here:

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