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12 Point Cases


new speed limits through roadworks

16th July 2018

Mile after mile at 50 mph even in the middle of the night and you’re the only car on the road can be frustrating in these days of converting to smart motorways, but you know those average speed cameras never sleep and you need to protect your licence, so on goes the cruise, or your […]

Keep Your Details Updated – A Cautionary tale

7th March 2018

Ms. M is just getting over a very nasty surprise indeed. She divorced from her husband and moved to a new address. She informed as many people as she could think of doing. She told her insurance company and changed the address on her driving licence. One thing she didn’t do is change the address […]

…But what if my iPhone is my SatNav?

6th February 2018

Mobile Phones are in the news again. The police have launched a crackdown. The unmarked lorry you are overtaking may well be manned by officers who are specifically on the lookout for people using their mobiles and surely everyone knows now that a fine and 6 points is the penalty. But there is so much […]

12 Points: What Exactly IS Totting Up?

5th February 2018

12 Points – What Exactly IS Totting Up? Most people know that you are in trouble if you reach 12 points. To a lawyer, when you reach 12 points, you have totted up – or to use the common phrase, you’ve become a totter. When it comes to your licence, points definitely do NOT make […]

A Very Short Case in Newport

26th October 2017

A lovely July day in South Wales and a speeding trial that went faster than car had done on the M4. I was there. The Defendant was there. The Magistrates were there. The Prosecutor was there. The Police witness was…nowhere to be found. It seems the CPS overlooked the fact that they should call any […]

Speeding Sentences Explained

20th October 2017

You’ve probably heard on the news that the sentencing for speeding has been stiffened up. The changes came into effect on the 24th April. Only offence committed after that date are affected, even if they haven’t been dealt with by the court yet. As ever, when lawyers get involved, the whole process is far more […]

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