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new speed limits through roadworks

16th July 2018

Mile after mile at 50 mph even in the middle of the night and you’re the only car on the road can be frustrating in these days of converting to smart motorways, but you know those average speed cameras never sleep and you need to protect your licence, so on goes the cruise, or your right foot stays locked in position for 20 minutes. it a constant source of complaint.

Highways England has been listening and there are plans afoot to give some relief.

Whilst the workforce is in the carriageway, the speed limits will stay the same. It’s incredibly important that it does. When you’ve driven miles and miles at 70, it can seem mundane. But view it up close from the outside and you’d realise just how fast it is. With people working a few yards away from your lane, the slower speed is vital for their safety.

But when the workforce knocks off, or is on the other carriageway, it is being accepted that quite so much of a restriction is a little bit of overkill. We now have the technology to introduce variable limits even through roadworks. Don’t be surprised to find 60mph limits in the nighttime within a few months, or even different speed limits on different sides of the motorway.

We say, good common sense compromise, but still keeping people safe.

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