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12 Point Cases

12 points on your driving licence

What are the consequences?

12 points on your driving licence in 3 years means at least 6 months disqualification. That’s 180 days.

If your driving licence is your livelihood, this could have a catastrophic effect on your life.

However, disqualification from driving is not inevitable.

Motoringlawbarristers specialises in keeping you on the road even if you reach 12 points.

12 point cases are won not just in court, but in the preparation beforehand. A specialist barrister working on your behalf from the very start could make all the difference… and keep you on the road.

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What do Motoringlawbarristers Offer?

A quarter of a century’s experience in defending precisely this type of case.

Honest advice on your chances of success before you pay a penny.

A full conference with you and unlimited follow up conferences until we are absolutely happy your case is fully prepared.

This preparation can be the vital difference between winning and losing – best it be done by a specialist.

The same specialist will present your case in court, you will not be presented with someone you have never dealt with before.

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